The Different Kinds Of Teas and its Benefits 

All kinds of people in all walks of life have different unique tastes in drinks. There are some who likes the strong kick of coffee in the morning, some who can’t live a day without a carbonated drink. There are some who likes teas, juice, alcohol and even just plain water. No matter what kind of drink you gravitated to, you have more than likely tried the other beverages just to see how it taste to you.

In this article however, we are going to focus on the different kind of teas and the benefits it gives to our well- being. Teas first started in Asia, and the European who likes it has made all sorts of other flavors. There are so many types of teas, there is the leaf type and there is also the powdered type from turmeric powder to kratom powder. However, today we will talk about the more common leaf tea type there is.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is just one of the more popular type of tea. It is known for its health benefits. Green tea is stronger in flavor and most people who isn’t used to it doesn’t like the taste at all. However, green tea is rich in minerals, vitamin C, Tannins and Chlorophyll.

2. White Teas

This type of tea has the least caffeine in its content. The taste isn’t astringent and noticeable like the green teas. At first you will only taste hot water however, the longer you drink it the more you’ll notice it silky taste in your breath and the back of your throat.

3. Oolong Tea

The in- between tea, it is semi oxidized it simply means that the tea leaves is fermented in a way where the tea leave is exposed to the air. The oolong tea has the taste midway between black tea and green tea. Because of it being in between of everything, the caffeine in oolong tea is also midway of the other two teas mentioned which makes the whole thing perfect for a more healthy and delicious option.

4. Black Tea

The most popular type of tea in the western continent. It is a tea that has a reddish brown to dark brown color, and it is fully oxidized. It is caffeinated and adding natural essences and flavor has up the ante in its popularity.

5. Pu’erh Tea

The tea that is more medicinal than any other things. It is said to lower cholesterol and cure hangover. It is a tea that is aged and fermented. It is using fermented green tea and goes a secondary fermentation in a humid warm container.

There are so many types of tea out there. For some it is an acquired taste but depending on your taste and type you will surely find the right tea for you. In a fast- changing world where diseases seem to be adapting, living a healthy everyday life and being conscious at what you do will help you more in the long run.

Teas are pretty easy to get from local Asian markets, but if you have a difficulty looking for a certain type of tea like kratom and other not so common tea. You can order and buy kratom online or any other tea online. It’s a pretty neat solution, for those who can’t find it locally.

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Top Ways on How to Avoid Cracking the Screen of Your Phone

We have all done it. As a matter of fact, it only takes a few seconds and bam, your phone has dropped. The moment you’re hanging on to it, trying to reach your pen on your passenger’s seat or even while talking, chances are there’s a big possibility that you’ll drop your phone and hit the floor.  


Fortunately, professional and experienced iphone repair Denver can be able to provide you with reliable phone repair services.  In order to help you on how you should take care of your phone, here are some of the most common ways why phone screens often get cracked as well as most appropriate solutions in order to help prevent all of them. 

1. Phone Dropped While Taking Pictures 

People usually drop their mobile phones while talking their selfies. Whether you are taking selfies because of your new dress, at the gym or even overlooking some best scenic views, your phone can certainly drop when you’ll try to reach out in order to get yourself a perfect shot. These tips can certainly make your selfies much easier.  

Use a Selfie Stick – A selfie stick, also called as a monopod, is designed in order to securely hold your phone as well as telescopes out so that you can be able to get a shot with the right pose that you want without creating any yoga moves. In addition to that, if you are not into carrying selfie sticks around, you can also use your headphone cable to capture the shot. That way, you aren’t fumbling with your thumbs in order to try as well as hit the capture button and with this technique, you can be able to hold your phone in a secured and safe manner. 

  1. Walking and Talking

Some people shouldn’t use their phone while walking. Walking while using your phone is very dangerous to you as well as to the others. You may bump people, run into things, drop your phone and worse, you may end up in an accident. Unluckily, the pavement is one of the worst surfaces to drop your mobile phone. However, if you are a lunch break walker or a chronic pacer, this tip suits you best. 

  1. Got Furious and Threw the Phone

This one is very true for all of us. We all have our bad days and oftentimes it is one where the anger overcomes our patience. Unfortunately, the mobile phones have always been the item of releasing anger resulting to some serious restoration thereafter. Here is one way to try if the speculation of throwing your mobile phone is going through our heads. 

We are not basically counselors however, if you have the urge to propel your phone through the air, you need to stop. Slow down and take some deep breaths. Do not do anything aside from deep breathing until you already gather yourself. If you are a mover type of a person, go for a short walk and make up your mind. 

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Benefits of Epoxy Floors for Data Centers

Environmental control is very important for data centers – cautiously regulated humidity levels and air temperatures to two-roofing systems in order to prevent possible leaks onto sensitive tools. Whether you are transforming an outdated data center or building a new facility to meet the standards of today, you will like to invest in flooring which helps protect the equipment and control the environment as well.

Epoxy Flooring Baltimore

If your facility has a concrete flooring system, applying an epoxy floor coating with the help of epoxy flooring Baltimore service provider is definitely an economical option which offers a lot of key benefits such as:

1. Cleanliness

An epoxy floor coating gets rid of the dust produced from an untreated concrete, as well as it may be formulated to stop moisture vapor from the underlying surface through the concrete. As a matter of fact, it does not hold moisture or trap dust the way that tile grout or carpet can. The smooth surface of the epoxy floor coating also makes it simple to sweep up debris and dust, without it getting accumulated into the crevices or cracks. It is actually impervious to fluids, which means accidental spills may easily be mopped up instead of just seeping into the concrete, thus, potentially compromising controlled climate.

2. Weight Support

The epoxy floor coating is made by the combination of a curative and a resin, resulting into a chemical bond which is much stronger and durable compared to its overall parts. In addition to that, epoxy coating is extremely strong and durable enough to handle a weight of a thousand pounds of tools as well. The epoxy’s semi-flexible surface actually allows it to withstand cracking even if heavy tools are dragged or dropped along the surface when being moved.

3. Aesthetics

The monotonous white-and-beige color scheme has become a thing in the past. However, data centers of today usually feature more intentional design and more vibrant colors. Thus, this may be a practical option – for instance, for color-coding the whole server rooms – or it may be implemented to create a positive impression on customers who visit the parts of your facility.

4. Versatility

Epoxy is perfectly suited for nearly the entire portion of your facility. It may create a beautiful lobby area, keep an easy-to-clean break room and may even be used in the restroom and kitchen areas as well. However, for the server rooms, epoxy will make your flooring even stronger which forms a base underneath the structural platforms or raised floors. Aside from that, epoxy may also be used to metal plates of your raised flooring if necessary.

Urethane or Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are chemically different compared to urethane coatings however, they are usually used together on concrete flooring. urethane and epoxy coatings also tend to be more costly compared to an ordinary concrete sealer but they provide better protection.

Advantages of Urethane and Epoxy Coatings

Prevents corrosion caused by industrial chemicals

Seals the pores of the surface of the concrete making it impervious to fluids

Protects surface from impact damages and abrasions

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Tips for a Good Move During Summer

A move during summer can be a lot simpler compared to those that happen during winter. You can take this advice for you to grab the opportunity and address some primary season-specific problems as well as concerns.

Specialty Movers

1. Use the Sunlight in Your Favor

Long days of the summer provide you with more hours of good visibility to get your moving project from the start to end. You should plan on having your project started early, whether it is heading out to scheduling your professional and reputable moving service providers to show up or pick up the moving vehicle as early as possible on the moving day. As a matter of fact, if you are actually moving your own personal belongings or items, you may use this method to grab the opportunity of having an extended daylight without spending too much time unloading and loading the things during the hottest time of the day, which basically peaks at about three o’clock in the afternoon.

Even if you are working with professional and experienced moving service providers, using this technique can definitely help you stay composed because you already oversee the task and begin setting things up when the time your hired contractors leave. One important thing you should always remember is that the busiest time for moving is during summer. Therefore, being willing to pick the first time slots and by hiring specialty movers right away can help you give more security and protection.

2. Keep Safe from the Heat and Stay Hydrated All the Time

With all the hard work which comes when moving day comes, it is very easy to forget 2 most important necessities which are even more difficult to address when all of your possessions are in transit: staying protected and hydrated from the rays of the sun. Your best option will be to pack sunscreens to take with you which you will stay close during the whole course of the moving process, as well as layout some clothing which offers protection from unforgiving sun without making yourself overly warmed.

When talking about hydrating, you may refill all your water containers and ensure that you will have a good plan for getting more when necessary. In the same vein, you must also be extra careful not to work too quick during extreme weather condition, particularly during the times when it is too hot. Working slower, on the other hand, can mean a bit more sweat. However, it also makes you and your loved ones stay safer from possible hazards such as dehydration and heatstroke.

3. Turn on Your Appliances Ahead of Time

If possible, you must have your water and power turned on in the new house before you move during summer. This is the simplest method to make sure that you have access to clean water such as ice, with your freezer. Aside from that, you may also use your fans or air conditioning to keep you comfortable before, during and after the moving project.

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How to Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Towing Companies

Every day, towing technicians put their lives in danger to help motorists who are stranded on the road. They also help maintain the roads clear of broken cars. However, the absence of state and federal legislation permitted the infiltration of unscrupulous tow truck drivers who are involved in predatory towing. 

Satellite or patrol towing are the worst things that can happen to you while on the roadIt’s when tow truck drivers haul away a vehicle that’s parked illegally on private propertieslike the no parking zones implemented by apartment complexes and shopping malls after getting a tip from the parking lot owner. When that occurs, the owner of the car will have to pay for the towing and car storage fees, as well as the other charges imposed by the company to take your car back. 

State laws are designed to protect customers from the worst cases of predatory towing. If you see a tow truck driver hauling away your vehicle while he’s on the private lot, then the tow truck driver should release the car immediately without questions asked.   

Tow truck operators breaching this law can be charged with civil misdemeanor and a $2,500 fine. Otherwise, he may spend 3 months in prison to compensate. Also, customers who can demonstrate that they were imposed on excessive and excessive towing and storage charges can get back up to 4 times what they have paid through the intercession of the court. 

Consumer’s Towing Rights 

As a consumer, you have rights when it comes towing. Understanding your rights will protect your best interests. Knowing them will also make it easier for you to deal with tow truck Springdale if and when you need it. 

  1. HourlyParking

Cars should be parked for a complete hour before it can be towed away. The only exceptions are when the car is parked blocking entrances and exitsif it’s parked within fifteen feet of fire hydrants, or if it’s inside fire lanes. A fire lane’s curb must be colored red and obviously marked. 

  1. Car ReleaseRules 

Once you find the tow truck driver removing hicar but the car hasn’t reached the public road yetthen hcan ask the car to be released unconditionally and immediately. The law doesn’t require the driver to show his driving permit either. 

  1. A reasonable fee for release

Once the tow truck driver releases an unlawfully parked vehicle, the total charges should be no higher than half of their regular towing fee. The local police can inform you of what the ordinary towing charges in the area are. 

  1. Public parking

Public parking is prohibited and cars should be hauled away the cost of the owner. If your car is towed because of this, then the contact details of the law enforcement and the full information of the towing business that hauled your car should be given to you.  

  1. Valid authority for towing

The tow service provider must hold a valid towing business license. They should also comply with all the requirements of the services, such as providing pictures and documents of the tow. The towing company should make it easy for law enforcement to obtain the documents and photos of each tow. They should also be free from kickbacks, meaning they don’t share their earnings with real estate owners who are calling in car removal. 

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The Link between Literacy and Speech  

Speech and literacy go hand in hand in and they play a crucial role in a child’s full growth and development. Literacy simply refers to one’s reading and writing skills. However, children with language and speech delays often have issues with it. They may encounter a variety of problems, like difficulty in pronouncing words and understanding speech sounds. 

Literacy and Speech

These problems can affect the way that these children learn how to read and write. Because they have trouble decoding sounds and words, they may not fully understand all parts of the language, particularly vocabulary, syntax, and grammar. If such problems are left ignored, they may find it difficult to understand what they read or get their ideas into writing. 

Helping Children with Literacy Issues 

For children struggling to improve their literacy skills, at least two things can be done. The first method pertains to improving their speech and language problems. By helping these children pronounce sounds correctly, they will eventually find it easier to read and spell words. Soon, they will also understand all the grammatical markers of proper reading and writing.  

Another way to help children improve is by teaching them how to read and write directly. This requires a lot of patience because children with speech problems may have to learn two things at the same time. Some experts believe that combining speech therapy with reading and writing practice will help children generalize the two skills and produce much better results.  

Speech and Language Therapy  

Speech and language therapy is performed by a specialized expert called a speech-language pathologistThis health professional is well trained in this field and is rightfully qualified to provide the kind of assistance these children need. They can help in correcting speech sound, expressive language, and receptive language issues among children. 

The first thing they’ll do is conduct a diagnosis to determine the extent of the problem. After which, they’ll design a therapy or program that would help address all the issues that the children encounter in order to help them improve not just in improving their speech but their general literacy skills as well.  

Motivating Children  

Children with literacy and speech issues have to be duly motivated to encourage them to help themselves. The therapy provided by speech-language pathologists can only do so much, which is why these kids also need all the support that they can get from home.  

Motivation is the key to get the children learning. Reading and writing require constant practice in order for the child to better each and every day. At home, parents are requested to read to their children in such a way they get to practice their listening and comprehension skills. If parents can read to their children every day before bedtime, it would greatly help.  

Speech-language pathologist will take care of the phonological awareness of children while parents can show them the practical examples by patiently reading to their children and teaching them how to write. Together, children will achieve reading and writing fluency, thus eradicating all the issues that they’re having with literacy. 

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It is a nice view to see the flowers that are blooming and the breathing the fresh air after you wake up from your bed. It would make your morning complete and have a good start for your whole day work. Many would consider this one as part of their hobby but some might think that it consumes a lot of time and it needs a lot of attention as well especially when you are taking care of it. It is not easy to make things at the beginning but people would enjoy it as long as you have the passion and patience to do things and learn its basic to make things even better. For those starters, there are many things that you should remember. It is not hard and it doesn’t take a lot of your time to think and do it. These are just some steps and reminders for everyone as well to do when you are about to start with your kind of garden that includes landscaping Tacoma WA 


  1. Of course, the very first thing that you have to think and consider and of course to plan is where are you going to have your garden. You could choose from the front of your house, to the back-part area or the left and right side of the house. It would always depend on you. In planning for this, you have to make sure that they can get sunlight from the sun and enough wind for them to make their own food and be able to look healthier and nice.  
  2. After you selected the area, you have to clean it and remove all the unwanted stuff and things there including the grasses. You don’t want them to be part of your garden. It will not give good view to the area and to your garden.  
  3. You need to know on how to remove and get rid of the possible weeds and grasses that might grow when you are having your own garden. It is better to have a solution ahead of time than having a hard time when you get there.  
  4. Of course, in order for your plants to grow well and be healthy. You need to choose and have the excellent kind of soil garden. It will keep your plants in a good condition as they contain more minerals and nutrients that is needed by your flowers and vegetables.  
  5. You have to know by asking some of your friends who are having their own garden or maybe you could ask an expert and browse some websites about the different plants that is more likely to live under the sunlight and those plants that don’t like to be with direct sunlight.  
  6. You also have to consider about those pests that might come and visit your garden. Without proper planning of this ahead of time it can make the plants unhealthy and being eaten by those insects. 
  7. Improve yourself by attending some seminar and learn more ways to make it better.  
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