Environmental control is very important for data centers – cautiously regulated humidity levels and air temperatures to two-roofing systems in order to prevent possible leaks onto sensitive tools. Whether you are transforming an outdated data center or building a new facility to meet the standards of today, you will like to invest in flooring which helps protect the equipment and control the environment as well.

Epoxy Flooring Baltimore

If your facility has a concrete flooring system, applying an epoxy floor coating with the help of epoxy flooring Baltimore service provider is definitely an economical option which offers a lot of key benefits such as:

1. Cleanliness

An epoxy floor coating gets rid of the dust produced from an untreated concrete, as well as it may be formulated to stop moisture vapor from the underlying surface through the concrete. As a matter of fact, it does not hold moisture or trap dust the way that tile grout or carpet can. The smooth surface of the epoxy floor coating also makes it simple to sweep up debris and dust, without it getting accumulated into the crevices or cracks. It is actually impervious to fluids, which means accidental spills may easily be mopped up instead of just seeping into the concrete, thus, potentially compromising controlled climate.

2. Weight Support

The epoxy floor coating is made by the combination of a curative and a resin, resulting into a chemical bond which is much stronger and durable compared to its overall parts. In addition to that, epoxy coating is extremely strong and durable enough to handle a weight of a thousand pounds of tools as well. The epoxy’s semi-flexible surface actually allows it to withstand cracking even if heavy tools are dragged or dropped along the surface when being moved.

3. Aesthetics

The monotonous white-and-beige color scheme has become a thing in the past. However, data centers of today usually feature more intentional design and more vibrant colors. Thus, this may be a practical option – for instance, for color-coding the whole server rooms – or it may be implemented to create a positive impression on customers who visit the parts of your facility.

4. Versatility

Epoxy is perfectly suited for nearly the entire portion of your facility. It may create a beautiful lobby area, keep an easy-to-clean break room and may even be used in the restroom and kitchen areas as well. However, for the server rooms, epoxy will make your flooring even stronger which forms a base underneath the structural platforms or raised floors. Aside from that, epoxy may also be used to metal plates of your raised flooring if necessary.

Urethane or Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are chemically different compared to urethane coatings however, they are usually used together on concrete flooring. urethane and epoxy coatings also tend to be more costly compared to an ordinary concrete sealer but they provide better protection.

Advantages of Urethane and Epoxy Coatings

Prevents corrosion caused by industrial chemicals

Seals the pores of the surface of the concrete making it impervious to fluids

Protects surface from impact damages and abrasions