All kinds of people in all walks of life have different unique tastes in drinks. There are some who likes the strong kick of coffee in the morning, some who can’t live a day without a carbonated drink. There are some who likes teas, juice, alcohol and even just plain water. No matter what kind of drink you gravitated to, you have more than likely tried the other beverages just to see how it taste to you.

In this article however, we are going to focus on the different kind of teas and the benefits it gives to our well- being. Teas first started in Asia, and the European who likes it has made all sorts of other flavors. There are so many types of teas, there is the leaf type and there is also the powdered type from turmeric powder to kratom powder. However, today we will talk about the more common leaf tea type there is.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is just one of the more popular type of tea. It is known for its health benefits. Green tea is stronger in flavor and most people who isn’t used to it doesn’t like the taste at all. However, green tea is rich in minerals, vitamin C, Tannins and Chlorophyll.

2. White Teas

This type of tea has the least caffeine in its content. The taste isn’t astringent and noticeable like the green teas. At first you will only taste hot water however, the longer you drink it the more you’ll notice it silky taste in your breath and the back of your throat.

3. Oolong Tea

The in- between tea, it is semi oxidized it simply means that the tea leaves is fermented in a way where the tea leave is exposed to the air. The oolong tea has the taste midway between black tea and green tea. Because of it being in between of everything, the caffeine in oolong tea is also midway of the other two teas mentioned which makes the whole thing perfect for a more healthy and delicious option.

4. Black Tea

The most popular type of tea in the western continent. It is a tea that has a reddish brown to dark brown color, and it is fully oxidized. It is caffeinated and adding natural essences and flavor has up the ante in its popularity.

5. Pu’erh Tea

The tea that is more medicinal than any other things. It is said to lower cholesterol and cure hangover. It is a tea that is aged and fermented. It is using fermented green tea and goes a secondary fermentation in a humid warm container.

There are so many types of tea out there. For some it is an acquired taste but depending on your taste and type you will surely find the right tea for you. In a fast- changing world where diseases seem to be adapting, living a healthy everyday life and being conscious at what you do will help you more in the long run.

Teas are pretty easy to get from local Asian markets, but if you have a difficulty looking for a certain type of tea like kratom and other not so common tea. You can order and buy kratom online or any other tea online. It’s a pretty neat solution, for those who can’t find it locally.