Every day, towing technicians put their lives in danger to help motorists who are stranded on the road. They also help maintain the roads clear of broken cars. However, the absence of state and federal legislation permitted the infiltration of unscrupulous tow truck drivers who are involved in predatory towing. 

Satellite or patrol towing are the worst things that can happen to you while on the roadIt’s when tow truck drivers haul away a vehicle that’s parked illegally on private propertieslike the no parking zones implemented by apartment complexes and shopping malls after getting a tip from the parking lot owner. When that occurs, the owner of the car will have to pay for the towing and car storage fees, as well as the other charges imposed by the company to take your car back. 

State laws are designed to protect customers from the worst cases of predatory towing. If you see a tow truck driver hauling away your vehicle while he’s on the private lot, then the tow truck driver should release the car immediately without questions asked.   

Tow truck operators breaching this law can be charged with civil misdemeanor and a $2,500 fine. Otherwise, he may spend 3 months in prison to compensate. Also, customers who can demonstrate that they were imposed on excessive and excessive towing and storage charges can get back up to 4 times what they have paid through the intercession of the court. 

Consumer’s Towing Rights 

As a consumer, you have rights when it comes towing. Understanding your rights will protect your best interests. Knowing them will also make it easier for you to deal with tow truck Springdale if and when you need it. 

  1. HourlyParking

Cars should be parked for a complete hour before it can be towed away. The only exceptions are when the car is parked blocking entrances and exitsif it’s parked within fifteen feet of fire hydrants, or if it’s inside fire lanes. A fire lane’s curb must be colored red and obviously marked. 

  1. Car ReleaseRules 

Once you find the tow truck driver removing hicar but the car hasn’t reached the public road yetthen hcan ask the car to be released unconditionally and immediately. The law doesn’t require the driver to show his driving permit either. 

  1. A reasonable fee for release

Once the tow truck driver releases an unlawfully parked vehicle, the total charges should be no higher than half of their regular towing fee. The local police can inform you of what the ordinary towing charges in the area are. 

  1. Public parking

Public parking is prohibited and cars should be hauled away the cost of the owner. If your car is towed because of this, then the contact details of the law enforcement and the full information of the towing business that hauled your car should be given to you.  

  1. Valid authority for towing

The tow service provider must hold a valid towing business license. They should also comply with all the requirements of the services, such as providing pictures and documents of the tow. The towing company should make it easy for law enforcement to obtain the documents and photos of each tow. They should also be free from kickbacks, meaning they don’t share their earnings with real estate owners who are calling in car removal.